Advanced Landscape Health Specialists’ Mission

Our goal is to provide our current and potential customers with unsurpassed communication and information to supplement our turf, tree, and ornamental nutrition and pest management services.

We offer many solutions to many landscape health issues. There is no standard management program that can be applied to all landscape health strategies. Our landscape nutrition and pest management programs are designed around each individual’s specific needs. Using honesty, superior products, and service is a an integral part of our business philosophy yet with our ever changing world it is important to maintain clear and constant information and communication channels for our customers.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Landscape

Advantages of protecting your landscape using our services.

  • It is an excellent way to protect your landscape investment while knowing that the people who are servicing your landscape are well educated and experienced.
  • You will receive honest and informative evaluations and ecological solutions for any problem which your landscape may encounter.

Healthy Start = Healthy Rewards

New landscapes: Having site monitoring and fertilization performed on a landscape during it’s initial year will help reduce stresses which can affect a plant for the rest of it’s life. To encourage healthy establishment and good nutrition will limit many future landscape problems by limiting the stress that new plantings and new turf seeding encounter. A minimal yearly landscape health program investment will have many wonderful rewards as the landscape begins to thrive and reach the beauty that is so desired.

It’s never too late to maintain your landscape’s health

Established landscapes do encounter pest attack to their trees, shrubs, and turf. It is very important to have someone who is experienced to examine the problem and to develop a solution that will be both economically and environmentally adequate.

Nature tries to keep everything in balance by using many different beneficial insects, fungus, and micro-organisms. We target specific problems with the knowledge of how critical natures balance really is.